The name of Elephant Mountain is extremely cute. However, it is not well known for its elephant-like shape,

but for the night scene which people can view.


Elephant mountain is very easy to reach cause its location is just 3 minutes from the MRT,Xianshan station.

Get out from exit 2, go straight and the entrance of Elephant Mountain will be in your sight!


However,though the path is beginner-level for those professional hikers,it is still a tough road for me….such a weakling!

Due to the steep slope,I asked my friends to stop to wait for me every other minute.



Before we got to the peak,(which is just 20 minutes from the bottom),

there are two sight viewing points on the way, both of which were so crowded that we barely had space to take photos.


Fortunetely,it pays to strive to the top,where a rather spacious observation point and a pavilion with several benches are located.

The best thing is,less people are here,perhaps they mostly give up during the climbing.

Perhaps the second reason for this is more reasonable,a girl was reported to hang herself here~



We took out beer,chips,and fruit we brought,viewing this soul-stirring beauty of Taipei by night.


The delicate lights,towering taipei101 and the whole bustling Taipei are admired all at once.This experience is so amazing!!!


By the time we were supposed to leave,we asked a professional photographer sitting by us to take a photo for us four.

But they failed again and again.


As a result,all our night scene pictures are like ghosts……



To be honest,this night scene is the most gorgeous I have seen!

I think it’s because after traveling so many places,I can’t help but wonder,are all the tourist spots just made for the sake of the tourist industry?

Elephant Mountain stands out because it shows the real bustling appearance of Taipei.

Every colorful light doesn’t exist for tourists but for the real lives of every Taipei citizens.

From Elephant Mountain,I felt not only the beauty but also the spirit of this city.


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