Stinky Tofu Tour in Shenkeng                                                                       Do you have nerves give them all a try? 


Inspired by a BBC report

I decided to take my friend to one of the most authentic spots in Taiwan.

Shenkeng old street to have a stinky tofu tour.

Like the article says:

Stinky tofu, made by soaking fresh tofu in a brine of fermented milk, meat or vegetables (recipes vary and are somewhat secretive) is something of a national obsession in Taiwan. Known affectionately as the blue cheese of tofu, stinky tofu can be served barbecued, stewed, braised, steamed or deep fried. Each method is distinctive in odour, taste, texture, and colour, and an entire afternoon could be spent sampling the different styles.



the Amercian friend went with me was the only foreigner in this street.

All visitors are local Taiwanese !!!

So,if you are a traveler into experiencing a real Taiwanese lifestyle,Shenkeng would be perfect for you. ^^


Shenkeng old street is just a few kilometres east of Taipei.

Taiwanese have been identifying this narrow street (and its dozens of shops and stalls) with stinky tofu for many years.


transport information

Here’s the information of transportation that you will need.



(blue line)Taipei City Hallbus 912 to shenkeng staion.

(green line)Wanlong staionbus 660 to shenkeng staion

(muzha line)Muzha stationbus 660 to shenkeng station or bus 795 to shenkeng old street staion.


When arriving at the spot,we started at a restaurant called Gu Zao Cuo (古早厝),

which is well known for its stewed stinky tofu with spicy duck's blood.





 stewed stinky tofu with spicy duck's blood


This dish is very savory,spicy with a slight tangy taste,texture is varied,

with tofu and gelatinous (like jello),and crunchy dried fish.

(100NT ,Score:7/10)


Next, we went to the another restaurant, but I forgot the name of it.



Actually, it doesn’t matter the name of the restaurant because every restaurant there is recommendable.

We went to this one just because we wanted to try a deep fried one.

And here it is!


We ordered a dish of deep fried stinky tofu and crispy fried tofu.

deep fried stinky tofu



The first is more featured ,deep fried stinky tofu, served with pickled cabbage,

delightfully fragrant,with a crispy exterior and juicy centre.

This stinky tofu can be seen everywhere in Taiwan,at the corner of my community, in the night market and so on.

But the one in Shenkeng old street has the best taste.



Crispy fried tofu



This one is delicious too, but far from special !

Actually, the crispy fried tofu taste just like the tempura tofu that you can order in every Janpanese restaurant.

Not a Taiwanese style!

(NT50 ,score: 5.5/10)


After this,we were already very full, so  begin to have some desert.


Almond tofu


This is my favorite dessert of all time.

almond tofu is not really made of tofu itself,

it is a soft, jellied dessert made of apricot kernel, agar, and sugar.

it was really a great refreshment when you finish 3 dishes of tofu.

(35NT,Score:7 )


Tofu Icecream


 This is absolutely worth trying.I got nothing to say,it is just a tufu of sweet,creamy and ice version.

(35NT ,Score 7)




Apart from food, Shenkeng is also a good place for souvenir shopping…..


pottery shop


bamboo hat shop


cow horn shop






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