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With one trip to Maokong, you can experience lots of ‘ests’ in Taiwan

- the longest cable car, the best place to taste tea

and the ‘second best’ spot to view the night scene in Taipei (because the best is in Elephant Mountain).


Transportation is quite easy also; take the MRT Muzha line to Taipei Zoo Station and go to the Maokong Gondola station to take a cable car.


Yeah you’re right, it starts at Zoo Station.

So, if you’re a person into animals, you can arrange a zoo trip first and then go to Maokong next in the afternoon or evening.

But, if you’re a foreign tourist only staying in Taiwan for less than a week,

don’t waste your precious time to see those dull animals. None of them are exclusive to Taiwan.


When you get to the Gondola station, without luck, you have to wait for more than 20 minutes on weekends or holidays.

So, try your best to avoid the busy time.

There are two kinds of gondola; one is the ordinary gondola, and the other is the crystal gondola.

The crystal gondola features a transparent floor but it requires you to wait longer because the crystal ones are rarer,

like one every 2-4 minutes. But if you go there in off-peak time, the crystal gondola is more interesting, though only a bit more^^.


howtoplay_04  (crystal)



Maokong gondolas are full of Hello Kitty - I don’t know why. Is it because the first character of ‘Mao’kong means cat?


At the beginning of this journey, I felt very scared because the gondola ran very fast,

especially when it went down. The feeling is similar to free fall…

But I got used to it quickly, starting to admire the scenery with the mountains, river, and city.

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Upon arrival, you can see lots of vendors around Maokong Station.



But don’t linger here, they are all standardized stuff,

the most important thing is find a good place to taste tea and have dinner at the same time.



Among all restaurants, ‘Yaoyue’ is the most popular one, which means ‘drink together with the moon’.

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It’s famous not only because it’s delicious but also the decoration of the restaurant and of the location with the whole forest around you.



But speaking of the location, Yaoyue is not so good because it’s far away from Maokong Station.

You have to walk for 20 minutes to get there. So exhausting though there are some excellent viewpoints on the way.


We finally got there. Have you seen any restaurants deploy their seats like this? It’s because they have the whole mountainside.

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But the prices here are not as adorable as the restaurant itself.

The cheapest tea here cost me and my Australian friend 300 NTD with an additional tea charge of 60NTD for each person.

And each dish starts from 150NTD. Therefore, more people, more cost-efficient. Sorry, my friend, I should have brought more people ><

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Tea-oil vermicelli is delicious, as well as tea tofu and fried beef with green onion. 


That’s enough because the dish is really big.

All the dishes here are called ‘tea-food’ because all of them contain something made of tea, more or less.


Actually, I have to say, the tea here is not really good,

so you can bring your own tea. But, the tea set they offer is worth seeing.

You can learn how to make tea and how to enjoy the best state of the tea.





Having an antique flavor, this place can give you a unique feeling. But to be honest,

this place can only be described as perfect when you take three friends and play poker here. Poker and tea are a perfect match A.A


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