Yehliu Geopark


Yehliu is a special geopark in keelung,just 1 hour from Taipei city.

By the beach, Yehliu is mainly composed of strange looking rocks magnificently sculptured by the ocean winds.

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I took 3 guys from Singapore to Yeliu geographical park


They made me think of the movie 3 Idiots,but no one in the group is the smartest one XD



Actually,they are really cute and interesting,always pose like this


insist to do this pose everywhere.....



Good, if you are really into this position,I can work around you ^^

The rock behind us called Candle Rocks


Candle rock


The legendary candle rock formation are always regarded as the cutiest one in the park.

How can rocks look like this,pretty amazing!!!



Queen's head



Queen’s head is the signature rock in Yeliu,because its shape is way too similar to its name----Queen’s head.

However,the neck of queen’s head has grown thinner and thinner in these yeays,becoming a queen of malnutrition due to weathering.

Therefore,it is estimated to break within 10 years. 


Fairy shoe



Rumors said that a fairy once lived in Yehliu,and she left her shoe here,but I think resemble a slipper more.




Tofu rock


 The tofu rock formation,requires visitors to hike deep into the park,to get a perfect view of its beauty.




After an exhausting day,we went to a stir fried restaurant recommended by a taxi driver call”3 sisters”

Near the Keelung train staion.


deep fried oyster


crispy yet juic at the same time,this dish tastes superb with pepper and salt.


 stir fried vegetable with beef


Fried tofu


pig ear.




Information of Yehliu Geopark



1.Kuo Kuang ebus (國光客運) (cheaper but troublesome)
go to Taipei West station terminal A,take the KUO-KUANG eBus to Jinshan(金山青年活動中心) but take off at Yehliu station.(about 2hour ,95NT each person one-way )


2.Train-Taxi (more expensive,but convinient)

go to Taipei train staion,take a train to keelung staion( 30 mins,41NT),and transfer to a taxi to Yehliu (about 30 mins ,around 500NT per cab one-way )


Ticket price

adults- 80NT

children and students- 40 NT


open time

7:30~17:00 everyday





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